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Standard Operating Procedures

Strong internal controls for cash collection are necessary to prevent mishandling of state funds and are designed to safeguard and protect employees from inappropriate charges of mishandling funds by defining their responsibilities in the cash handling process. Fundraising activities must maintain clear separation of duties. An individual should not have responsibility for more than one of the cash handling components: collecting, depositing and reconciling. In order to ensure proper segregation of duties, please assign individuals to the roles outlined in this section. If your office does not have enough staff, refer to our Safeguarding Cash and Cash Equivalents Policy or contact Financial Management for help implementing compensating controls. 

Responsibilities of Individual A

Individual A is responsible for keeping possession of pre-numbered, sequential tickets to be sold and maintaining a "Ticket Distribution Log" of tickets distributed (i.e., sequence number, date, seller's name and seller's signature).

What is Individual A's UB affiliation? *

Responsibilities of Individual B

Individual B is responsible for selling the pre-numbered, sequential tickets he or she receives (from Individual A) in numerical order. Individual B is also responsible for turning in cash and unsold tickets to Individual C. Note: If Individual B sells all the tickets assigned to them, after providing the cash to Individual C, Individual B can repeat the process.

If you have multiple individuals selling tickets, please list all individuals.
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If you have multiple individuals selling tickets, select all that apply.

Responsibilities of Individual C

Individual C is responsible for collecting cash and unsold tickets from Individual B at the end of each period (at least weekly, preferably daily). Individual C must also maintain a “Cash Receipt Log” of money collected, date, quantity of any unsold tickets and sequence, seller’s name, and seller’s signature.  Collected cash must be kept secure. Individual C will deposit the cash preferably daily, but at least weekly.

What is Individual C's UB affiliation? *

Responsibilities of Individual D - Only applicable when prize(s) consist of merchandise. 

Individual D is responsible for keeping possession of inventory items to be redeemed (e.g. baskets).  Buyers of the tickets redeem his or her item by placing his or her ticket(s) in a closed-lid, slotted container.  Items are distributed by Individual D upon receipt of the tickets.

What is Individual D's UB affiliation?

Responsibilities of Individual E

Individual E is responsible for collecting the bucket(s) of tickets each day. Individual E is also responsible for collecting copies of the "Ticket Distribution Log" and "Cash Receipt Log" from Individual A and C (at least weekly) as well as copies of any relevant bank statements. 

Individual E will perform the following reconciliations: 

  • The quantity of items distributed and the quantity of redeemed tickets (should be equal) 
  • The quantity of redeemed tickets against the Tickets Distributed Log and the Cash Receipt Log (the quantity of redeemed tickets should be less than or equal to the quantity of tickets distributed less the quantity of tickets unsold)
  • The cash received and deposited against the Cash Receipt Log (should be equal) 
  • The Tickets Distributed Log against the Cash Receipt Log (should be tickets distributed less unsold tickets multiplied by the per ticket price equal to the cash received by seller)
What is Individual E's UB affiliation? *

Raffle Requirements Checklist

Please acknowledge your understanding of the below items prior to conducting the raffle and ensure that those associated with conducting the raffle are made aware. *
  • Raffle will be conducted in accordance with the University Raffle Policy
  • Only persons eighteen years of age or older are permitted to purchase or sell raffle tickets.
  • Raffle tickets may NOT be sold more than one hundred eighty days prior to the date scheduled for the occasion at which the raffle will be conducted.
  • Raffle tickets may NOT be mailed to purchasers or sold over the internet.
  • Raffle tickets may NOT be purchased utilizing credit cards, university accounts or funds.